Estate Plan Essentials Legal Forms Software

Estate Plan Essentials Legal Forms Software

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Every adult should have three important estate planning documents: a LAST WILL & TESTAMENT, a LIVING WILL and a POWER OF ATTORNEY. These documents protect your family regarding asset distribution, guardianship, healthcare choices, and naming a representative to handle your personal affairs. Now you can create all three of these critical documents with one easy-to-use software package! Individually these titles cost $45, but with the Estate Plan Essentials package you save 33%! Learn more about each document using the links below, or click the red GET SOFTWARE NOW button above to begin.
ATTORNEYS & PARALEGALS: This software is licensed for pro se users. See our Professional Edition to create client documents.

Last Will and Testament Legal Forms Software
Answer Questions, Get DocumentsTM
Step-by-Step Simple, Finished in Minutes!

HOW STANDARD LEGAL SOFTWARE WORKS: A simple introduction and easy-to-read overviews are presented first. A questionnaire follows. Text fields, check boxes and drop-down menus are used to collect your answers, with additional instructions next to each field if needed. When the questionnaire is finished, final documents are created instantly: just save and print. It's that easy! See screenshots from from each title by visiting the pages linked above.


The Estate Plan Essentials was awesome - thank you for providing it at such a small cost!

Terrie Gaines, Midland TX

I ordered three Standard Legal forms: Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney and Living Will. The forms were written in such a way that the 'legaleze' was easy for a layman such as myself to understand; the language and meaning left nothing to question. No law library was necessary. The witnesses and Notary I chose to verify my signature were amazed at the simplicity of it all. I am satisfied that the forms will do the job when the time comes to settle my estate...

-- Charles L. White, Fulton TX

I purchased Standard Legal software in order to prepare a Will, a Power of Attorney and a Living Will for my ailing mother-in-law. The forms were easy to use and I prepared the documents in a short period of time. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law died within 10 days of the forms being prepared and signed. The local hospital honored the Living Will forms, and the attorney who assisted me in probating her estate was impressed with the quality of the Will. The estate was probated without incident. I will be purchasing additional Standard Legal software in order to sell my mother-in-law's real estate. Your software saved me hundreds of dollars, so thank you!

-- Bryan Frank, Anderson IN

With a very sick father suffering from cancer, Standard Legal allowed me to get the appropriate legal documents prepared for him without my father ever having to leave the comfort of his home. Thanks, Standard Legal.

-- Howard Jordan II, Pensacola FL

I ordered two of your software titles. You guys did a SUPERB job. There's no way I can do this on my own without your included samples. Thank you!

-- Nhut Le, Maplewood MN

I wanted to tell you how easy I found your registration and downloading process to be. I actually was a software requirements guy in my former life and I found your entire website and downloading instructions to be very well developed and super easy to follow. Haven't started to populate any of the forms quite yet - but kudos to your developers and web team for putting together such an intuitive site!

P.S. - I also called for more info before I bought this package, and had a great conversation with one of your representatives - very knowledgeable and helpful for me to make my purchase decision! You guys certainly have your act together!

-- Don Peterson, Arlington Heights IL

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for this wonderful software. I was able to prepare my Last Will and Testament as well as my Living Will in a matter of minutes. Thanks for helping me save a lot of money. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

-- Mr. Juan Munoz, Orlando FL

WOW!! Thanks for the prompt reply to my email. I'm impressed. I did software development for TRW for 40 years in missiles and weapons systems. I recognize and appreciate the quaility of your Will and Living Will products. And the great customer service, too!!

-- Ray Rosen, Prescott Valley AZ

The Estate Plan Essentials software met my needs. Thanks!

Terri Welch, Santa Cruz CA

After quite a number of years of procrastination, it was the compact, concise and very affordable Standard Legal documents that got me to complete my Will and Living Will. The price and service can't be better. Thanks for helping me get that important yet 'put-offable' task finished.

-- Eric Ford, Phillipsburg NJ


Legal Document Software FULLY SECURE PERSONAL DATA: Our software is downloaded then completed offline, not run through an online webform that transmits your data across the internet to be stored in a database. So your answers stay completely private and secure, and your personal data never leaves your hard drive!

Legal Document Software QUALIFIED ATTORNEY AUTHORS: All of the legal documents within each Standard Legal software title are carefully researched and written by highly-qualified, experienced, licensed attorneys.

Legal Document Software UP-TO-DATE LEGAL CONTENT: Documents and instructions are revised any time a state or federal law, statute or administrative requirement changes. Our legal forms content is in constant review!

Legal Document Software STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Clear instructions are posted directly next to each question asked. No 'legal-eze' either! Standard Legal writes in a way that is "step-by-step" and easy to understand.

Legal Document Software IMMEDIATE ACCESS: Use the software instantly after purchase! Get encrypted links to a download within seconds, both on-screen with your order invoice and again as a backup in an email confirmation.

Legal Document Software EASILY DOWNLOADABLE FORMS: Standard Legal's documents can be downloaded in one .zip file, with additional state-specific documents available from the online forms server.

Legal Document Software USE WITH ANY DEVICE: Windows, Mac, Apple, iPad, Android, Linux. Desktop PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device. Nearly any system can use the software from Standard Legal!

Legal Document Software FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Standard Legal helps its clients in any way we can. While we cannot provide legal advice, we will gladly assist you by email, phone or social media to access and use our software.

Legal Document Software NO SHIPPING FEES: with downloadable software, shipping is FREE! Don't pay to ship printed packages of paper. Just download the files and print only the documents you need. (Unless you prefer the optional CD!)

Legal Document Software FREE ATTORNEY REFERRAL: If you decide that handling a situation yourself might not be wise, access our attorney referral site and find a qualified attorney to help you with your case. No charge to post your case!

Legal Document Software LEGAL & VALID IN ALL STATES: The documents from Standard Legal are valid in every USA state and territory. Primary documents cover federal law, with state-specific language or forms provided as required.

Legal Document Software SAVE MONEY ON LEGAL FEES: Quickly and easily create the same kinds of legal documents as a local attorney. And save hundreds -- sometimes even thousands -- of dollars in the process!

Legal Document Software 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Standard Legal guarantees that all of the documents in our software will be accepted when completed as directed and submitted to the appropriate court, clerk, office or agency. Should any document not be accepted due to an issue with our content, we will correct that document for you at once or refund 100% of the purchase price -- or both! Complete details here.


Standard Legal software is PDF-based and works on virtually all Windows, Apple, Macintosh, Android and Linux-based PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Get Adobe ReaderUsing the FREE Adobe Reader, the legal documents are interactive PDFs featuring a questionnaire that converts the information you provide into a finished legal document. It is critical to use the most up-to-date version of Reader; if you already use Reader, see 'Help > Check for Updates' in the program's menu to get the latest version. The commercial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro can also be used to complete the forms. Adobe Reader should ALWAYS be used as a stand-alone program or mobile app and NEVER within a web browser.

Links to a downloadable .zip file are presented immediately upon the completion of your order. This .zip must be expanded to access the PDF files. Most computers have an expansion program like WinZip pre-installed; if your computer does not have one, we recommend StuffIt Expander (it's FREE!). Once the file is downloaded, all documents within can be completed offline, no internet connection required. Read the START-HERE.txt file included in the initial download for more instructions.

Access links to the downloadable .zip file and/or the online forms server for this title are available for one (1) year after the date of purchase, upon request. Files downloaded and saved to a device may be used without time limit, but new downloads are no longer accessible one year after the date of purchase. A discount code is available to past customers by email to make a new or updated purchase.

To use any type of software requires a basic understanding of how a computer device operates. To use Standard Legal software, you must be able to complete these basic computer tasks: download a software file;  expand a .zip file;  enter a username and password to access a protected website;  navigate a menu;  install and launch a program;  and open, save then print a completed document. If you do not fully understand how to complete any of these common steps, we recommend you use our Document Preparation Service or find a local attorney to create documents for you.

WANT YOUR SOFTWARE ON A CD? A software CD of your legal form titles can be mailed to you for an additional $9.95 by choosing that shipping option during checkout. Software CD Details.
ATTORNEYS, PARALEGALS AND DOCUMENT PREPARATION PROFESSIONALS: This software is licensed exclusively for pro se users. To create custom legal documents on behalf of clients, review our Professional Version software.

Estate Plan Essentials Legal Forms Software

PDF software for any device