Are Standard Legal’s Bankruptcy Court Forms Fillable and Calculating?

Users can type directly into each field on every Standard Legal U.S. Bankruptcy Court form using just about any PC or Mac operating system available. Standard Legal’s Bankruptcy forms are provided primarily in PDF format, and can be completed using the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader v.8 or later.

All of Standard Legal’s forms are set up to automatically fill “like fields” within each form; so, for example, when you open a particular form and enter a name into the “name field”, the name field will be filled across all other “name” fields within that form.

Financial calculations are also processed within each form; when you enter financial data into a field, the math is processed for all fields on that form, as required by the Court.

All forms follow the specifications set by the United States Bankruptcy Court, as well as the forms required for each individual District Court.

Note that each required Bankruptcy form stands on its own, so information is not transferred between forms (i.e. information from form B1 does not go into B2 automatically). It is easier to manage the forms separately and simply re-enter a minimal amount of information between forms rather than to pairing forms and data that might not always be used together.

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