If I Get Sick, How Do I Outline My Healthcare Wishes with Your Power of Attorney Package?

Standard Legal’s Power of Attorney package does not contain ANY health care language.

The Power of Attorney legal forms software title focuses instead on handling the business affairs of the maker, either on-going or for a set period of time, and is effective immediately upon execution.

Instead, you should review Standard Legal’s Living Will legal forms software offering.

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If I Have Multiple Living Will Documents, Will a Notary Signature on One Be Enough to Cover All?

A complete Living Will indeed does contain a number of different documents: an Advanced Healthcare Directive document, Durable Property Power of Attorney documents, a HIPAA Medical Records Release Authorization form, the Notice of Final Disposition document, etc.

Sometimes these documents are provided separately, sometimes they are folded into one long document. 

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If I Move to a New State, Must I Create a New Will and Living Will?

Generally, there is no requirement that Will or Living Will documents must be re-drawn when a person moves from one state to another, provided that the original document meets even the basic requirements of each state\’s laws. If there is any doubt regarding the validity of your documents, we suggest you create new ones, given … Read more

Am I Responsible for Debts of My Spouse or His Business if He Dies or Becomes Incapacitated?

Let’s use an example of a husband and wife who do not “mix finances”. The wife owns the house solely in her name, and the husband has a business solely in his name with debts both personal and under the business. They carefully keep completely separate bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc.

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What is the Difference Between a Will and a Living Will?

Generally, a Last Will and Testament outlines the distribution of a person’s assets upon his or her death, while a Living Will defines the type of health care a person wishes to receive if incapacitated and unable to make such decisions directly.

In most instances, the person who is creating either one of these documents should

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