If an Ex-Spouse Refinances a Home with a Promissory Note in Place, Must Payment Against that Note Be Made?

Most likely, yes, there would be an obligation to pay a Promissory Note upon the refinancing of a home formerly owned by a divorced couple.

But the terms of the promissory note itself (and perhaps even the Divorce decree) must be closely examined to ensure that the obligation to pay is still legally binding.

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Is a Jointly Signed Real Estate Promissory Note Valid After Divorce if No Payment Was Ever Made on the Property?

Ask Standard Legal cannot act as a court nor provide a legal interpretation of any document, especially without a thorough review. However, if a Promissory Note was signed by the Maker and some consideration was provided for the note (e.g. there was a loan or other indebtedness), then the Note may be enforceable as written.