Are Standard Legal’s Lease Agreement Documents Approved by the Florida Court?

Standard Legal’s Lease Agreements comply with Florida law.

In 2012, under a ruling called Chapter 475, the Florida Supreme Court issued model lease agreements for residential apartments, condominiums and single family homes. There were no such model forms for commercial leases.

The Court states on its web site that the “forms have been approved by the Supreme Court of Florida [but n]either the Supreme Court of Florida nor The Florida Bar express an opinion as to whether the forms comport with current law.”

The Court forms are NOT mandatory for use in any Florida residential lease transaction; they are simply approved forms formats.

Further, Chapter 475 has no outright prohibition regarding the preparation of commercial leases by realtors. But in some cases the preparation of leases may be considered the “practice of law” if the realtor completes the documents outright or provides legal advice vs. simply assisting the completion done by the potential tenant.

Standard Legal’s commercial leases are valid in the State of Florida. Any commercial lease should be reviewed by both parties to ensure that the terms of the lease are agreeable and comply with the needs of both the commercial landlord and the commercial tenant.

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