Does Standard Legal’s Bankruptcy Software Make Adjustments When Only One Spouse is Filing?

Standard Legal’s Bankruptcy forms software requires the filer to make decisions regarding the inputs on any form. The legal forms software doesn’t “adjust” any decision-making required; a filing with the Court requires the user to decide who is filing and create inputs accordingly.

However, complete instructions and overviews on these types of requirements and decisions are included in the package. 

A married couple does not have to file bankruptcy jointly. One spouse is permitted to file separate and apart from the other.

Be aware, though, that the non-filing spouse’s income is often considered as part of the bankruptcy case so that the Trustee can determine what portion of the debtor’s income pays for the household debt.  This means that on Schedules I and J, the non-filing spouses income may need to be disclosed. The same holds true for Form 22A (non-debtor spouse income must be listed).

Complete details can be found at the Bankruptcy legal forms software page.