Can I Create More Than One Form When I Buy Standard Legal Software?

Individuals can use the consumer version of our legal forms software to create multiple documents for their own personal use. Individuals may also create documents for use by any member of the buyer’s immediate family. The licensing of the software permits repeated use by the buyer in exchange for the single purchase price, so long as the use is personal in nature.

Businesses and organizations that purchase Standard Legal software for its own direct use is also acceptable — i.e., buying the Employee Manual title to create documents for internal use by the business; buying the Lease Agreement title to create leases for properties owned, etc. So long as the use is internal and specifically for the conduct of the business that made the purchase, multiple documents can be created from a single software purchase as well.

Details on the licensing agreement of the consumer version of Standard Legal software (which also covers the permitted uses) can be found on Standard Legal’s Terms and Conditions page.

If you are interested in commercial applications regarding Standard Legal software (i.e. using the forms on behalf of clients or selling Standard Legal software as a product), please read about our Professional Version option.