Can I Sell Standard Legal’s Forms To My Own Customers?

Yes, under specific circumstances. Standard Legal welcomes companies, professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to make money from our legal forms software — but only when it is done through the programs and channels we have developed.

Legal Document Preparation Companies, Law Firms, Attorney’s Offices and Paralegals that wish to use Standard Legal’s software to create forms on behalf of clients and customers MUST PURCHASE THE PROFESSIONAL VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE to do so. The Professional Version of Standard Legal’s software is set up and licensed for this type of commercial use, and is priced accordingly. See complete details on the content and pricing for the Professional Version software here.

Individuals or businesses that wish to make money selling Standard Legal software as a product (and you can!) may do so as a part of our Marketing Partners Program, detailed here. This affiliate program provides online advertising tools and tracking codes to allow you to successfully market Standard Legal’s products, all at a VERY healthy commission. Through the program, Standard Legal handles all sales and product delivery, and we send you commission for each sale you help generate.

What is NOT PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE is making a purchase of the “consumer version” of our legal forms software and using it in whole or as part of a commercial transaction. More directly, neither the software itself nor the documents that can be created using the software may be sold or offered for sale by any party as a product, nor included as a part of another product.

There are NO options available from Standard Legal that permit the resale, combining, repackaging or distribution of our software through channels other than our own website and/or via our own programs and systems. Such a blatant disregard for the terms of our licensing agreement will force us to bring legal action against the infringing party.

If you have further questions on commercial applications in regard to Standard Legal software, please email us.