Can Standard Legal Help Me Create Customized Language in a Document?

Without question, there are instances when a legal document needs customized language to support a situation that is highly specific and personal. After all, no legal document company can cover all possible scenarios for any topic.

It is this type of situation in which a person must give careful consideration as to whether customizing do-it-yourself documents is a wise choice vs. working with a local attorney to create fully customized documents.

By its very definition, “pro se” (self help) means that the user must create any customized language he or she wishes to use in any documents or filings on your own. No one (including Standard Legal) can provide such customized language to you except an attorney; doing so would be providing legal advice outside of an attorney-client relationship.

If you decide that creating a paragraph or section stating some specific desire is necessary (and you are certain the terms behind your custom content are legal), then be straight-forward and write out your request using simple language. Details on adding or changing the baseline content of a form can be found in our FAQs.

If you have any doubt as to the validity of what you want to accomplish with custom language, then Standard Legal HIGHLY suggests you find a local attorney to help you; find an attorney for FREE on our Attorney Find page.

Remember, Standard Legal typically covers the most common situations within its legal forms software titles, and in many cases offers multiple versions of a document title to specifically cover personal situations (married or single, with or without children, etc.). The details of these specialized documents can be found on the product description page for each specific title; it’s worth the time to read those pages in their entirety.