Can Standard Legal Provide Complete Sample Documents to Me Prior to Purchase?

The content of the legal forms is the product we sell. Standard Legal — and any other legitimate legal forms software company — cannot provide product to the public prior to purchase simply because there is no way to protect any type of written content in any commonly-used digital format from copy and use after it is provided.

As such, we do not offer full sample documents of any title in advance of purchase.

Know that the content of Standard Legal’s forms has been created by our highly-qualified and licensed staff attorneys, and each title is updated frequently by those same attorneys. To be candid, an evaluation of the legal form content by a non-attorney would fall far short of our own daily evaluations.

HOWEVER, in advance of purchase we do offer to customers a COMPLETE, DETAILED description of the contents of each of the legal forms software titles we offer. For complete details of the content description, click the LEARN MORE button on the product description page for each title we offer; the list of legal forms software titles is here.

We also offer a complete, detailed description of the three legal form software formats provided with your purchase, including workable samples of each. This information is also provided under the LEARN MORE button.