How Do My Girlfriend and I Take Equal Ownership in Buying a House While Listing Only One of Our Names on the Mortgage?

A lending institution is more likely to loan money when it feels that there is adequate security for its loan.  While a lender may make a loan to one person who is to be the co-owner of a home (disregarding the other), most conventional loans require that both owners sign the note and grant the mortgage to secure the loan. (The theory is that payment from two sources is better than payment from one from the perspective of the lender.)

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Can a Co-Owner of Real Estate Sell His Share Individually?

A person can sell or transfer his or her interest in real property, even if it is owned jointly with another.  (However, finding a buyer who will purchase a fractional ownership interest in real estate could be a challenge.) See the following information if you need legal forms software documents to offer the property “FSBO” … Read more

Can a Divorced Person Sell a Home if the Ex-Spouse’s Name is Still On the Deed?

Sometimes a person can gain full ownership rights to a home from a Separation Agreement or a Divorce proceeding. But what if the Deed to that home still shows both names of the divorced couple on it, and the newly single owner wishes to sell it?

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