What is the Difference Between Standard Legal’s Consumer and Professional Version Legal Forms Software?

Certainly by the nature of the legal topics involved, much of the content is similar between the consumer version of Standard Legal’s self-help legal forms and the Professional Version of the software. But while the content is similar, the price is not.

This significant difference in price is for the granting of a license for the commercial use of our work product.

In essence, Standard Legal is providing a tool a person can use to make significant money off of our work product, and the Professional Version license gives an attorney, document preparation company, paralegal, law firm or professional company the right to use our product in a commercial manner.

We have spent thousands of hours creating and updating the legal forms software we offer. If you wish to use that highly-developed work product to make money as a part of your own business (as a document preparation specialist, paralegal, attorney or law firm, or professional services firm), then compensation to us for that fully developed work product is simply common sense.

Further, some PRO titles do provide documents that are not available within the consumer version. For example, “preparer’s forms” are provided within the Bankruptcy PRO title, as a person preparing forms on behalf of another person must use different fields.

Bottom line, if an entrepreneur or company wishes to use Standard Legal’s work product to make money (directly or indirectly) in a commercial situation, then Professional Version license must be purchased.

Complete details here for the Professional Version of Standard Legal’s forms software.