Can I File for No-Fault Divorce Using a Relative’s Address as I Fear Giving My Spouse My Current Address?

Standard Legal’s No-Fault Divorce legal forms software is intended to be used only in situations where both spouses have reached full agreement on the division of all assets, property and liabilities for the impending divorce.

So the nature of the question and the nature of the use of the legal forms software title are not in sync.

Generally, a situation where both parties are agreeable to a No-Fault Divorce action does not include the need to hide the location of residence out of a fear of retribution, so uncontested divorce documents would never cover such an instruction on such a need.

Typically, however, so long as a person is certain he or she can receive court notices in a timely manner so as to respond as necessary by the deadlines imposed by the Court, a relative’s address or a temporary address can be acceptable for use in such a filing.