Does Standard Legal’s Premarital Agreement Cover Future Inheritances?

Future inheritances are not covered in Standard Legal’s Prenuptial Agreement legal forms software, and with good reason that is fairly common-sense.

If a party to a marriage receives an inheritance during the marriage and then keeps the inherited assets or funds completely separate and apart from his or her spouse (e.g. by putting the inherited money into a separate account) and does not convert the inherited asset to a “marital asset” in any way (e.g. by putting any such money received in a joint bank account or using the inherited money to purchase marital assets), then the inherited money or assets are the separate property of the spouse receiving the inheritance if or when there is a divorce.

As such, there is no reason to address within the language of a Premarital Agreement a situation or action that can be addressed far more easily by keeping inherited assets out of joint marital accounts.