Living Trust Grantor and Trustee the Same Person?

Standard Legal’s Living Trust software is set up to initially make the Grantor and Trustee one in the same. But this requirement is not permanent, nor does it force that person to stand alone.

Standard Legal has created its Revocable Trusts under the common usage presumption that the Grantor will also be named as the initial Trustee for the Living Trust.

But these Trusts allow the Grantor to also name a Successor Trustee, to act in the capacity of the Trustee should the Grantor-Trustee be unable or unwilling to serve in the role of Trustee at a point in the future.

As such, when completing a Standard Legal Living Trust document, the Grantor will be named as initial Trustee. A successor Trustee can also be named in all Standard Legal Trust documents.

Complete details can be found on the Standard Legal Living Trust legal forms software page.