Do You Offer a General Release From Liability Form?

Standard Legal does not offer a “general” liability release form because there are simply too many variables for such a document to work as its title implies.

A legal document releasing liability claims must be carefully tailored and drafted for highly-specific situations so that all possible claims, potential liabilities, possible lawsuits, etc. are specifically covered and addressed in the release.

A document containing “general” release language, with a general “fill in the blank” description of the event or occurrence for which the release is to be used, would be insufficient to address all potential claims, liabilities, etc., and thereby ineffective.

Using such a general document would provide no greater release from liability than simply providing a verbal notice of self-responsibility, or a couple of “I hereby release…” sentences that you draft yourself and have your visitors sign.

Standard Legal does not believe in creating and offering any document that does not provide a real benefit, or that may be insufficient for a customer’s true legal needs. We hope you understand this position.