How Do I Find the Names of the Owners of an LLC?

Limited Liability Company (LLC) filings are made with the Secretary of State, typically in just one state (the state in which the business chooses to register). One way to find the listed owners or members of an LLC is to review the filing in the state in which the business was originally registered. But such a review will not always provide the information desired.

In some states, the names of the owners/members are not required to be listed on the LLC’s Articles of Organization that are filed with the state agency. If that is the case, a more ‘investigative’ action will be required, either through public or private records.
To learn whether or not your states’ laws require the listing of the owners/members at the time of the filing of the LLC, contact the Secretary of State; that office should be able to address the specifics of the state laws related to LLC filings and provide information on a specific business. (Or check the state’s SOS website; many states put such information online.)