How Do I Know a Standard Legal Document Will Be Valid Many Years into the Future?

Making certain that a completed legal document like a Will, a Living Will, a Living Trust, a Promissory Note or a Premarital Agreement will remain valid for many years after its original signing is a legitimate concern, and one to be taken seriously.

Standard Legal’s documents are written to comply with current laws. The licensed attorneys who draft the legal documents try not only to anticipate the personal issues that may arise in the future, but also attempt to determine what changes could occur in the law.

While Standard Legal cannot guarantee that some law will not be enacted so that any or all of its current forms would need to be updated (we do not have a crystal ball, after all), many of these common legal documents are fairly straight-forward contracts entered into by competent parties to determine future property rights.

As long as the state in which a person resides or will reside acknowledges contracts as binding agreements between individuals, and as long as the state does not pass legislation that makes such currently legal agreements illegal, Standard Legal’s forms, documents and software packages should be valid and binding in the future.