How Do I Re-Open My Bankruptcy Case?

A Bankruptcy Court may close a case when all of the required documents are not filed or properly completed. When such a case is closed, it must be re-opened before new or additional documents can be filed.

So how exactly does a person re-open a closed Bankruptcy case?

The required form and rules for reopening a Bankruptcy case are specific to each District Court.

The local District Bankruptcy Court should provide the form to you or otherwise provide instructions for creating such a motion to reopen.

Call the Court where you filed or visit its website for details.

For example, the Central District of the State of California uses this Motion to Reopen form and provides instructions here.

Standard Legal does not offer this type of form in its Bankruptcy legal forms software package, by choice. We do not offer motion forms or other forms that deal with issues tangential to the actual filing and case itself.

Our current focus is on providing the Bankruptcy forms that get a typical case filed and the discharge granted — which occurs in nearly every case when all forms provide are completed and filed as instructed.

See Standard Legal’s Bankruptcy Legal Forms Software title here.