How Does Legal Document Preparation Service Work?

Standard Legal offers completed, “ready-for signature” forms through its legal document preparation services. These forms are created by asking specific questions of its customers through easy-to-follow questionnaires, then taking those highly specific responses and inserting the provided information into the required legal forms.

Prior to creating the forms, Standard Legal will review the data/information that is provided, checking it for consistency, completeness, spelling, grammar and other common issues.  If any required information is omitted or unclear, Standard Legal may contact the customer again in order to obtain additional or revised information.

The customer — not Standard Legal — provides all of the required information to complete the legal document. Standard Legal does not provide any legal advice throughout this process, nor does Standard Legal prepare custom documents ‘from scratch’ for any customer (although Standard Legal Network may slightly modify the text of a given document based upon the information provided by the customer, so as to allow the customer to prepare a legal document that is clear and concise).

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