Is Standard Legal BBB Accredited?

The BBB requires businesses to pay them a significant fee to be “rated” in their directory and to use their logo on a company website.

We won’t purchase that type of “credibility” from anyone. 

Standard Legal is listed with the BBB as a registered LLC in the state of Ohio, and we have provided our company information and detailed responses to them when there is a customer issue.

But we are not “rated” (and thus cannot use their logo on our website) because we won’t pay them to do so.

It’s more a matter of principal than anything.

To get a feel for who we are and the products and services we offer, please read the testimonials, the information in our Law Library, our ‘Ask Standard Legal’ blog,and the specific legal form software product pages for the topic in which you are interested.

We believe these information sources speak for themselves, and trust that our customers find these resources far more relevant than whether or not we pay the BBB to use their logo.