Is Standard Legal’s Employee Manual Up-To-Date for My State?

Standard Legal’s Employee Manual is current, up-to-date, and legal and valid in all states. It covers the most common or prevalent rules, regulations and policies that all employers should address with their employees.

But it is not prepared for any specific state — and with good reason.

The Employee Manual is a guide to be given to employees to provide workplace rules, regulations and guidelines. The Manual is NOT created to be a codified listing of all federal and state requirements that employers must meet – nor should an Employee Manual be prepared for that purpose.  It is our belief that most employees would have little use for a listing of state/federal regulations geared toward the employer, nor would they understand many of the requirements faced by the employer.

Standard Legal only provides content in its Employee Manual that is relevant to employer-to-employee and employee-to-employee relationships. To provide other off-topic information could create confusion for the employee and, in addition, unnecessarily lengthen the Employee Manual to the extent that it is unreadable.

Additional information concerning the federal rules and regulations required of employers is available from the United States Department of Labor, the federal agency that oversees most employment related matters.

See complete details on Standard Legal’s Employee Manual legal document software.