Is the Employee Manual Content State-Specific?

Standard Legal’s Employee Manual software is state-specific in a few select situations, and only where state law dictates such a requirement.

Remember, an Employee Manual should never re-publish a list or outline the details of a state’s laws, as that is not the purpose of an employee handbook. State laws can be read by employees from state-provided resources.

Instead, a customized Employee Manual should focus exclusively on the policies and practices of the company for which it is written.

Typically, state-specific requirements are handled with a separate page that replaces the standard page or section — but this is only done if your state requires some highly-specific language. (Instructions are provided for each state whenever such a substitution is necessary.)

Standard Legal’s Employee Manual software is complete and covers the most common employee-related topics related to operating and managing a business. We are confident that our handbook document template provides businesses with the detailed policy statements and employment information that are required for most businesses and organizations.

Complete details can be found here on the Standard Legal Employee Manual legal form software.