Can a Landlord Change the Terms of a New Lease After the Document Has Been Signed?

In this case, the person posing the question states that his landlord left with a newly signed lease to make copies, but returned later with a lease that contained different terms. He claims the landlord added new terms and rules to the document, but the landlord replied that the terms and rules were in place and that the signer simply didn’t read the document.

Of course the terms of a contract cannot be changed legally after signatures are provided.

And of course it is the responsibility of the persons signing the contract to read and fully understand the terms of the contract in front of them.

A simple tactic can keep this type of situation from turning into a case of ‘he said/she said’ or having to prove a contract’s terms later.

It is always wise obtain a signed copy of an original document immediately upon signature by both parties, to ensure the terms of the contract cannot be changed after the fact. When signing a contract, always insist on two identical copies of the document, and have each document signed, distributing one original to each party. That way, there can be no question as to the terms of the contract, or if it contains the same terms as when it was signed.

Given the situation above, any debate about the true terms of the contract that can not be resolved through conversations between the parties most likely would need to be resolved in court. To find a local attorney for FREE to help with such litigation, visit Standard Legal’s Attorney Find page.

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