Does Standard Legal’s Bankruptcy Software Allow Me to Answer Some Questions and Have the Forms Automatically Generated?

Standard Legal’s Bankruptcy forms are not “generated” all at once after some basic questions are answered — no company could offer such a product for a price of $49.95, as the constant changes in programming, legal requirements and form content could never be managed at that price.

Instead, our Bankruptcy forms stand individually like the Court presents them, but ours are form-field fillable. However, there are two significant features to Standard Legal’s offering: like-item-fields (fields requiring the exact same information on the same form) fill across the form automatically; and the fillable PDFs can be saved with the entered content contained within the fields as a part of the saved documents.

In comparison, nearly all of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s PDF forms can NOT be saved with any answers contained within a field — and that’s if there are any fields to use on the form to begin with, as many of the US Bankruptcy Court’s forms do not offer fillable fields.

So while the document templates are free from the Court, they also must be typed, hand-written or completed all in one sitting and printed out upon completion (and started from scratch if there is any change whatsoever).

Thus, there are significant benefits to Standard Legal’s $49.95 Bankruptcy legal forms software package, with one being that it doesn’t cost $349.95 — which is where the ‘auto-generated documents’ price would probably be.

Complete details on the Bankruptcy product we offer can be found at Standard Legal’s Bankruptcy legal forms software page.

Check here for Standard Legal’s Frequently Asked Questions about the legal forms software formats.