Do the Members of an LLC Need to be Legally Disclosed to Me Before I Invest?

The members of an LLC are generally listed in the Company\’s operating agreement, which is an internal company record that is not filed with any state agency.

In some states, the names of members are not required to be listed on the Articles of Organization that are filed with the state agency to form the LLC.

As such, in your particular state, the names of the members may not be required to be made public.

But not being ‘required’ to disclose the ownership information is different than ‘choosing not to’ disclose that information. 

Some better questions for the person suggesting the LLC structure might be:

– Why don’t the members of an LLC want their identities disclosed?

– Am I comfortable investing money into a closely-held LLC when I don’t know all of the persons involved?

– Is it wise to be in business with persons who do not want to be named, and to face potential legal and reputation issues with these same people going forward?
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