Can I Create an LLC to Pass My Assets to My Children without Estate Taxes or Loss Through Divorce Settlements?

Remember, ‘Ask Standard Legal’ was created to respond only to ‘questions of fact’ for the legal topics listed at the left. So it follows that we cannot respond with suggestions on how a person might structure something or how to proceed; that’s the very definition of legal advice.

You can certainly create an LLC at your discretion with any members you choose to involve. Details about the formation of an LLC can be found here. You might also wish to review the “BUSINESS LAW AND INCORPORATION ARTICLES” at our Standard Legal Law Library to see if an LLC is the best structure for your needs.

But we simply cannot advise you (or even make suggestions) as to the tax or estate issues related to such a decision, or even whether an LLC would function in a certain capacity. In pro se (i.e. “self-help”) law, these are the very types of decisions that must come from the individual “helping themselves”.

If you want or need legal advice, find an attorney. If you need to have a discussion of options on how best to proceed, find an attorney. Unless YOU yourself are 100% certain of the structure you wish to create and the end results of those decisions, find an attorney. To find a local attorney for FREE who specializes in either Estate Planning or Business Law, visit Standard Legal’s Attorney Finder page.

To consider making such a critical long-term financial decision based on some free advice you receive from a faceless person at a legal forms website truly is a bad idea…