Must I List a Non-Spouse in a Bankruptcy Filing if We Share a House?

In the petition and schedules, a debtor\’s income and expense are relevant. And when there is a married couple filing, the debtor\’s income and expenses and the spouse\’s income and expenses (even if the spouse is not filing) can be relevant.

However, a Bankruptcy petition does not generally inquire about income and expenses of non-spouses.

Note that any filer should list only those expenses for which he or she is directly paying or responsible.

The filer may also be required to list another person as a co-debtor if this person has co-signed a mortgage or loan for a house or real property. Please see the instructions provided for “co-debtors” on Schedule H.

Also, the schedule for Real Property should list any second person’s interest in a house or real estate (see instructions for Schedule A).

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