Can One Large Piece of Property Be Split Between Two or More Buyers Using a Quitclaim Deed?

To split an existing real estate parcel for transfer to new owners, the new parcels must first be created legally.

A legal description must be created for each new parcel. This requires that a professional surveyor conduct a survey to create a new description (by metes and bounds) of what each new parcel will be.

Once done, the surveyor must submit the new parcel descriptions to the appropriate County Recorder or county property office for approval.

Only after the new parcels are created and approved can Quitclaim Deeds be prepared to transfer ownership for each new parcel using the new description for that parcel.

Since each state and county has different approval processes for parcel splits, and since not every parcel is suitable for splitting (given size restrictions, zoning issues, or other factors), it is suggested that a property owner contact the local County Recorder or engineer’s office to inquire about the process of parcel splitting.

To create a Quitclaim Deed after the newly surveyed parcels are approved, see Standard Legal’s Quitclaim Deed legal forms software or the Quitclaim Deed document preparation service.