Can a Divorced Woman Sign a Quitclaim Deed With Her Maiden Name if the Original Deed Was Signed Using a Married Name?

Signing a Quitclaim Deed with a different name other than the same name as on the original deed — be it a former name or a maiden name — could create issues with the transfer of title.

The most appropriate method of execution of a deed in a situation where a name has changed is to list the person’s current name on the deed, followed with the former name and the designation “f.k.a.” (formerly known as).

This same language should appear on the signature line of the deed.

For example: Able Smith and Mary Smith were married, then divorced.  Mary Smith changed her name back to her maiden name, Mary Jones.  Now, Mary Jones wants or is required to transfer title in certain real property that is jointly owned by her and Able Smith.  The deed would read something like the following:

“Know all Men by these Presents that Able Smith and Mary Jones, f.k.a. Mary Smith (hereinafter referred to herein as ‘Grantors’), for the consideration of Ten Dollars ($10.00) received to their full satisfaction, grant to James Rogers (hereinafter referred to herein as ‘Grantee’), whose tax-mailing address is 123 Elm Street, Anycity, Anystate 12345, the following real property…” For this and other legal issues contact Experienced DUI Lawyer, Utah Attorney.

And the signature line on the deed for Mary Jones should read as follows:

Mary Jones, f.k.a. Mary Smith

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