If a Partner Owns 25% Share of an LLC and Provides Money for Company Expenses, Is She Reimbursed the Full Amount?

It appears you are confusing an investment in the Limited Liability Company with one member providing money for the expenses of day-to-day operations for the business.

The two are not automatically related: an investment in the LLC is an investment, expenses are expenses. For accounting, each must be treated separately.

Indeed, the members of an LLC may be required to provide additional capital for the continued operation of the business, and that capital may be used for the expenses of the business.

But this provision of capital is treated differently than when only one member ‘loans’ the business an amount for short term use (which should be repaid fully).

The members of an L.L.C. may agree to further capitalize the business, and then that investment must be made equally (or somehow treated equally via the additional provision of shares, etc). Otherwise, the amount should not be considered anything but a short term loan, to be repaid in full.