Can I Sign My Name to a Notarized Company Legal Document on Behalf of My Boss?

Generally, a person may sign only his or her own name to a legal document that is to be notarized, and must do so in front of the notary after proof of identity is established. But not always.

There are instances in the execution of corporate documents where a person who is authorized to conduct business on behalf of a company can sign on behalf of or in place of another principal from the company.

However, Standard Legal cannot advise anyone in this forum as to whether or not a specific situation meets the criterion of “authorized to conduct business on behalf of the company”, as doing so would constitute providing legal advice without an attorney-client relationship.

For such advice, we suggest asking your business’ corporate counsel.

If your business does not have corporate counsel, you can find a local attorney for FREE to help give you with the legal advice you need at Standard Legal’s Attorney Find page.