How Does a “Special” Warranty Deed Affect the Sale of My Property?

A “Special” Warranty Deed is used in limited circumstances and, in most cases, it limits the nature of the title transferred.

In most cases, a special warranty deed makes fewer representations and warranties concerning the property in comparison to a standard warranty deed.

As such, a detailed review of the language of the Deed is required to understand what changes may exist. But a detailed review of the document is not something that “Ask Standard Legal” can do for you.

One option is to visit the local County Recorder to review the Deed with that office, if they are willing to do so. (Not all offices will, fearing it may be construed as ‘providing legal advice’.)
Otherwise, for advice specific to any personal legal questions, Standard Legal always recommends you consult an attorney; you can find a local attorney for FREE at Standard Legal’s Attorney Find page.

To create all types of Deeds without the need for an attorney, see Standard Legal’s Quitclaim, Warranty and Survivorship Deeds legal forms software page.