What are the Fees to Create a Gun Trust?

There are no local, county or state filing fees required to create a Gun Trust. But a “Tax Stamp” must be paid to the ATF for submitting an application to transfer a regulated weapon.

All transfers of ownership of registered National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms must be done through the federal NFA registry, and all NFA regulated firearms must be registered with the ATF.

Before a person, Trust or other entity can lawfully transfer or manufacture an NFA regulated firearm or accessory, that person must first submit an application to the ATF (Form 1 for the manufacture of a firearm; Form 4 for the transfer of a firearm) and pay a Stamp Tax associated with the application.

The Stamp Tax must be paid to the ATF for each NFA regulated item. If the Grantor is transferring an NFA item to the Gun Trust, a Stamp Tax of $200 must be paid for each item included in the ATF application.

The application must describe the specific firearm that is sought to be registered to the applicant.

As part of the application process, the ATF will conduct an extensive background check on each “responsible person” named in the Trust (i.e. the Grantor and each Trustee named in the Trust). This process requires each “responsible person” to complete and submit with the application document a photograph (2″ x 2″ taken within the year prior to the date of the application), fingerprints, and ATF Form 5320.23.

See Standard Legal’s Gun Trust Legal Forms Software to quickly and easily create the documentation required, along with complete instructions on completing the application process.