When Should I Consult an Attorney Instead of Representing Myself Pro Se?

No one can argue that there are times when it may be necessary — or at the very least highly advisable — to consult a qualified attorney to handle a legal matter. Especially difficult for pro se cases are those with intensive litigation and court proceedings. For many, representing one’s self in a personal injury and medical malpractice case may be ill advised. Complex business transactions or matters involving the IRS may call for the advice of an attorney. Likewise, if any individual has questions concerning the proper procedure for any legal matter or transaction, is unsure the steps that must be followed to achieve a specific legal goal, or has any difficulty in understanding or completing legal forms, then those persons should seek the advice of an attorney.

Self representation makes sense at times, but let common sense prevail! Don’t let anger, stubbornness or “penny pinching” cloud your judgement when important legal matters can have long term effects.