Where is the Software?

The primary document files provided by Standard Legal use a PDF engine. PDF is short for Portable Document Format. The software resides in the PDF.

Document portability — the ability to use a file across multiple operating platforms — has been around for more than two decades. It has been perfected in the last ten years, eliminating the need for .exe installable files that only run on Windows devices to create custom documents.

Adobe has been the leader in developing the PDF engine. Adobe Acrobat Pro (the production tool) and Adobe Reader (the FREE output tool) are highly-sophisticated, distributable software programs that eliminate the need for the old, slow, limited model of .exe files.

So the short answer to the question “where is the software?”: The documents provided by Standard Legal are sophisticated software programs based on the PDF engine. This software can be used to create professional-looking documents on Windows, IOS, Android and Linux systems. And it far surpasses the outdated .exe install model.

Some of Standard Legal’s software titles also come with Microsoft Word forms included, set up in fill-in-the-blank style. These Word documents are provided primarily because some people are more comfortable using Word. But Word documents are also provided because accredited professionals in the legal industry who purchase our PRO version sometimes want to edit the baseline content of the forms, which can be done using the Word version.

So Standard Legal’s “program” resides within the Acrobat/Reader software. The process is “Answer Questions, Get Documents”. The final output is a customized, professional-looking, ready-to-print document, the goal of any legal forms software.


NEED MORE HELP? CONTACT SUPPORT: If you have any problems with the download or use of the legal forms software after purchase, please EMAIL SUPPORT for a prompt response. While we cannot provide any legal advice, our tech team will answer any download, access or forms use questions quickly and completely.