Where Should SSDI be Listed in Chapter 7 Filing?

Question 30 requires that the debtor list “[o]ther amounts someone owes you (Examples: Unpaid wages, disability insurance payments, disability benefits, sick pay, vacation pay, workers’ compensation, Social Security benefits; unpaid loans you made to someone else).”

Ordinarily, current wages and other benefits (like social security) are not listed on Schedule 106A/B. These amounts are listed on Schedule I and, in some cases, on form 122A-1.

However, if there is money owed to you that has not been paid as it was supposed to be paid or is past due, that money can be listed here.

For example, if an employer owes you past due wages, or if you are expecting a possible lump sum payment that was awarded in the past, etc., that amount can be listed here with a brief description.

Note, too, that social security disability income information must also be listed in Schedule I (question 8e) – but it will not be counted in the debtor’s means test calculation, form 122A-1 (per question 9 of form 122A-1).

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