‘Ask Standard Legal’ Provides Free Question & Answer Service to All

Why pay big money to ask a simple question? Standard Legal knows the economy is tough, and has created a way for anyone to submit a question for free through a newly-launched service called ‘Ask Standard Legal’.

Standard Legal, one of the USA’s top self-help legal forms software companies, will have staffers review each question submitted and will reply confidentially by email to each. While Standard Legal cannot provide specific legal advice, the user will be provided with options available to him or her to best handle some of the most common legal issues: Last Will and Testament, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Deeds, Living Wills, Trusts, Lease Agreements, Premarital Agreements, Incorporation or LLC, and more.

Sometimes the replies will take the form of suggestions as to how the person might handle the situation “pro se” (i.e. self-help or “do-it-yourself”). Other times, the reply may be that the issue is complex enough to require counsel from a lawyer, and Standard Legal can help the user find a qualified and affordable local attorney for FREE.

Site visitors can submit their questions to ‘Ask Standard Legal‘ (and get complete details about the Q&A process).

People looking for information about a specific legal topic are encouraged to read the questions and answers already posted by category at ‘Ask Standard Legal‘; many times a person’s question may already be addressed there. Each legal topic is posted category with a search box for the entire forum, so finding information is simple and straight-forward.

Persons with additional questions about the ‘Ask Standard Legal’ service are welcome to email ask@StandardLegal.com