How Much Time Does it Take to Create a Last Will & Testament Document with Standard Legal Software?

If you are making a Last Will and Testament document for yourself or a close family member and know exactly what assets are to be disbursed to whom upon death, then completing the Will form should be a very short process — usually¬† 15-30 minutes.

This time frame assumes that you are reasonably proficient at using a computer and word-processing types of programs, and that you can read and follow directions at a normal adult level.

After the documents themselves are completed, note that you will need to secure the services of a Notary and have two witnesses sign your documents, which also will take a bit of time. But notarizing can usually be accomplished for free (or very little charge) at your local bank or a similar institution, or for a small fee from a private notary.

Of course, if you are not that great at using a PC or its programs, if you aren’t exactly sure how the assets of your estate should be divided, if you often take more time than normal to read instructions, etc., then it may take you an hour to two to read all of the provided information, make the necessary decisions about that information, and create the forms.

But even this amount of time is usually far less costly in the “time value of money” than finding an attorney to create a Will document for you!

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