Can I Get Out of a Lease I’ve Signed If I Don’t Like Parts of It?

Unless there are unlawful terms and conditions included in the lease content, you are bound to the terms of the contract you signed.

Stating the obvious, this is why it is CRITICAL to read and understand all of the terms of any contract BEFORE you sign it!

If you have any questions about the terms of a lease contract, you should NOT sign it. Instead, we highly suggest a review of the document by a qualified local attorney or real estate professional before agreeing to the terms. Simply stated, NEVER sign a document until you understand ALL of it.
One suggestion: you could approach the landlord with you concerns about the content of the lease agreement, but it would have to be done so with the understanding that the landlord has no legal obligation to make any changes to the terms of the lease after you agree to them by signature. You would simply be asking the landlord to make a change to the terms as a good faith long-term “business consideration”.