Why is a Notice to Quit Not Included Within the Lease Agreement?

A Notice to Quit is only required when a landlord seeks to evict a tenant for the non-payment of rent. Thus, a Notice to Quit is not a part of a lease agreement; rather, it is a document that must be provided to the tenant prior to initiating eviction proceedings, as dictated by statute.

Standard Legal’s Lease Agreement software permits the landlord to prepare an enforceable, legal and valid Lease Agreement. The Lease Agreement package is not an “eviction” package, and thus the Notice to Quit is not included.

While a local attorney may be of the opinion, recommend or choose to include custom language such as a Notice to Quit in his or her document, it is not a legal requirement to include such language. Thus, as a matter of simplicity for jurisdictional enforcement, Standard Legal does not include a Notice to Quit section. If you wish to add specific language to Standard Legal’s documents and clearly understand the legal repercussions of your action, you can choose to do so on your own. Detail on modifying the baseline content
of Standard Legal’s forms can be found in the form use FAQs.