Can I Remove the Trustee of a Trust Set Up by my Child’s Grandparents?

Usually the Grantor of the Trust (the grandparents, in this case) names the trustee and alternate trustee. And typically, only the Grantor can make a change to the Trust, at his or her discretion, including who the acting trustee should be.

If the grandparents who set up the Trust are deceased and you are unhappy with the named Trustee due to theft, fraud, etc., you may need court intervention to remove and replace the trustee.  We suggest you speak with an attorney regarding this matter, as it can be a complicated process; Standard Legal offers a free attorney referral resource so that  you may find a qualified attorney near you (select the Family Law

You may also wish to speak to the Bar Association in the county in which the trustee maintains his or her office, in order to determine whether or not a grievance can or should be filed.

But if there is no fraud or theft, it will be difficult for an unnamed party to the Trust to have any influence over its management.

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