Can Standard Legal’s Living Trust Software Be Used to Revise an Existing Trust?

Amending an existing Trust using Standard Legal’s Living Trust software (or any other company’s legal forms or legal form software) may be a tricky task.

While you can always legally amend a Trust, the changes to the Trust must be done in a manner that is concise and accurate and that “matches” the provisions of the existing trust document.

Standard Legal’s software is designed to create a complete Living Trust document from scratch. If you did not use Standard Legal’s Living Trust software in creating the original Trust, it is impossible to know the framework or provisions of that existing Trust, and it is impossible to give adequate guidelines to make changes to those provisions.

All in all, it may be simpler and more accurate to create a new Trust than to amend an existing trust using a legal forms software package — especially one that is different from the original trust. (Even more so if the Trust was created by an attorney or another legal document preparation company who may have used uncommon provisions.)

If you wish to make significant revisions to an existing Trust, we suggest you review the details on Standard Legal’s Living Trust software and consider creating a brand new Trust. Otherwise, we suggest finding a qualified local attorney to help make changes to an existing Trust.