Does Standard Legal Offer Forms To Evict Defaulting Tenants or Buyers?

If a tenant in a lease or a buyer in a land contract do not make the monthly payments as their contract dictates, the property owner must take legal action against the defaulting party to reclaim their property.

Unfortunately, each state — and sometimes cities and counties within a state — have different requirements to begin and complete eviction proceedings. Since there are so many variations, Standard Legal does not offer an “eviction” title.

Property owners can attempt to review the city, county and state requirements to evict a tenant or land contract buyer; if the buyer can find, read and understand all of the requirements, then acting pro se (self-represented) against the defaulting party is an option.

If the property owner does not feel comfortable and knowledgeable filing a lawsuit against the defaulting party, then Standard Legal suggests finding a qualified local attorney (find one for free at Standard Legal’s Attorney Find page).