If I Get Sick, How Do I Outline My Healthcare Wishes with Your Power of Attorney Package?

Standard Legal’s Power of Attorney package does not contain ANY health care language.

The Power of Attorney legal forms software title focuses instead on handling the business affairs of the maker, either on-going or for a set period of time, and is effective immediately upon execution.

Instead, you should review Standard Legal’s Living Will legal forms software offering.

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If My Sister Has Power of Attorney for My Unresponsive Father and She Won’t Deal with His Affairs, Can My Sister Sign Over Responsibility to Me?

If the maker of a Power of Attorney document (be it for health care or general management of business affairs) cannot consent to a change in the named Attorney-in-Fact, no other person has the authority or right to ‘transfer’ that responsibility to another, even another family member.

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Can an LLC Assign Power of Attorney to a Non-Director or Non-Member to Handle Its Business Affairs?

A Limited Liability Company does have the legal authority to appoint an individual as “Attorney in Fact” using a Power of Attorney document.

But there are two organizational specifics that must be reviewed prior to making such a determination for the LLC.

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If I Have Power of Attorney for My Parent, Can I Transfer the Family Home to Myself and My Siblings?

Most “general” Power of Attorney documents have a specific provision about transferring property contained within them, granting the attorney-in-fact the ability to undertake such a property transfer process.

But if the language about being able to transfer property is not stated specifically in the document (and different POAs are drafted differently), then the attorney-in-fact most likely lacks the authority to transfer property.

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