How Do I Create a Deed That Gives a Property’s Mineral Rights to My Beneficiaries?

Perhaps an important “question to this question” is the following: is the intent to transfer only mineral rights to those beneficiaries?

A Quitclaim Deed with the Right of Survivorship would be the best way to simply pass title to the entire property to relatives or beneficiaries — with mineral rights and all other ownership rights included.

If a person transfers property to a spouse and children with Survivorship — without mentioning mineral rights at all — upon that person’s death the family would be the owners of the property with whatever mineral rights exist in the property.

A Deed does not need to mention mineral rights specifically unless the current owner wishes to transfer only those rights, or to retain those rights while transferring the rest of the property. But for either of these two scenarios, the legal documents involved would be much more detailed than a simple Deed revision, and an attorney should be consulted.

To create a Quitclaim Deed with the Right of Survivorship, see Standard Legal’s Deed software title here.