PROBLEM: PDF ‘Question Marks’ Print on Form

Some users of the PDF legal forms have printer default setups that leave the “question mark prompts” that provide instructions for individual form fields to print on their forms. Let’s fix that.

The ‘question marks’ that show on a PDF offer the help information for a specific field. They are setup as non-printable. But sometimes a person’s system settings change the defaults.

This issue is easily corrected by changing a setting within the Print menu in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader — i.e. to “turn off” the question marks for printing:

1) After selecting PRINT from the top navigation of the PDF form you are using, a Print window will appear.

2) Within that Print window, there is a drop-down menu titled “Comments and Forms”

3) Make sure only “Document” is selected (not “Document and Markups” or any other selection) from the drop-down.

Additionally, under the top navigation menu “Edit>Preferences>Commenting”, make sure the option “Print notes and pop-ups” is NOT selected/checked.

Checking / changing these two selections should print only the document content itself and none of the question marks or instructions built into the form.

Mac Users and the “Question Mark Prompts”: be certain your Mac has the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, or you will not be able to resolve this issue. Some Macs come with other PDF programs installed that will only preview PDF files. Those lesser programs are not as robust as Adobe Acrobat Reader. So you must install and use Reader — and once installed, simply follow the instructions listed above. Get Reader for FREE here.


See Troubleshoot PDF printing in Acrobat and Reader as outlined by Adobe.


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