PROBLEM: Printer Cuts Off the Form

The print margins on Standard Legal’s forms are very small. Usually, if a printed form page is cut off, the issue can be corrected in the print dialogue box. In most cases, printers automatically adjust their margins to suit the document and type of page being printed.

When this is not the case, the printer margins can set within the print dialog box regardless of the choice of software format, and the settings can be adjusted for your specific system.

(The print dialogue box is the window that appears to set up the specs of the print job when “Print” is selected from the program’s menu.)

Document margins are standard within our forms, about 1/4 inch. Typically, there is no reason to adjust the margins of the documents themselves, but rather the settings within the Print menu (the menu box that appears when you select “Print” in Word, Acrobat, Reader or another word processing program).

Please do not contact Standard Legal about adjusting your printer margins; such an issue is specific to your system and we cannot guess as to how your printer/PC are set up or make this adjustment for you. YOU MUST READ THE HELP INFORMATION SPECIFIC TO YOUR PRINTER AND PC and then adjust the margins in the Print menu accordingly.


See Troubleshoot PDF printing in Acrobat and Reader as outlined by Adobe.


NEED MORE HELP? CONTACT SUPPORT: If you have any problems with the download or use of the legal forms software after purchase, please EMAIL SUPPORT for a prompt response. While we cannot provide any legal advice, our tech team will answer any download, access or forms use questions quickly and completely.