PROBLEM: I Can’t Fill In the Fields On a PDF Form

Typically, if a user can’t enter or save answers into a Standard Legal PDF, it’s either because they have opened the PDF within a web browser or because they are using a PDF viewer that is not Adobe Reader.

ALWAYS OPEN STANDARD LEGAL PDF FILES DIRECTLY IN ADOBE READER! Opening these files within a web browser or using a PDF viewer other than the FREE Adobe Reader will disable some of the software features and functionality.

Some devices — especially iPads and other Apple devices — do not use Adobe Reader as the default software for PDFs. Some devices use their own proprietary PDF viewers. PDF viewers do not have the full functionality of Adobe Reader, most notably the ability to complete fillable form fields.

A user must always open a Standard Legal fillable PDF document directly within the free Adobe Reader software. A fillable PDF should never be opened by clicking a link to open the file within a web browser. A fillable PDF file should always be opened directly in the Adobe Reader software, never inside a browser window.

Usually, clicking a link in a web browser on our forms index page will act to download the form, not open it. If not, a right-click to a form’s link will allow the user to select ‘Open With’ or ‘Save As’ for that file. ‘Open With’ allows the user to select an installed program to open the file with that program outside the browser. ‘Save As’ allows the user to select a folder location to save a clean copy of the file outside the browser, which can then be accessed directly with the software of his choice.

To make Adobe Reader the default PDF application going forward, the user should look in their system’s HELP file for instructions on how to change default program choices. The file type of .pdf should then be associated with Adobe Reader.


NEED MORE HELP? CONTACT SUPPORT: If you have any problems with the download or use of the legal forms software after purchase, please EMAIL SUPPORT for a prompt response. While we cannot provide any legal advice, our tech team will answer any download, access or forms use questions quickly and completely.