PROBLEM: I Can’t Fit My Answer in the Form Field

Field length is something given great consideration when each form is created. So there should be no sentence that is too long for any field in one of our PDF forms.

If your existing answer is too long for a particular field, rewrite the sentence. Use as few words as possible to convey your point. Most answers should only be a word or two within a field!

Do not use returns / paragraph breaks within a form field! Most fields are intentionally set to be either a single word, a few words, or a single sentence. Do not use returns between a list of names or items; instead write them in a single line with commas between. Do not write multiple paragraphs; write a single paragraph.

Adjusting the fields in a PDF document is quite technical, requires a commercial copy of Adobe Acrobat, and is not something a customer should need to do (and most likely is not necessary).


NEED MORE HELP? CONTACT SUPPORT: If you have any problems with the download or use of the legal forms software after purchase, please EMAIL SUPPORT for a prompt response. While we cannot provide any legal advice, our tech team will answer any download, access or forms use questions quickly and completely.